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Review of Island Plan Begins

May 15, 2019

Work has begun on the Island Plan 2021 - 2030, which will shape Jersey’s natural and built environment for the coming decade.

The review will consider how the policies for new development should be adapted in light of issues affecting the island such as the need for homes; economic support; climate change; and the impact of our ageing population. In the first stage of the Island Plan process, extensive research is being undertaken (some of which is being commissioned from independent experts) to ensure that the policies are robust and fit for purpose.

Minister for the Environment, Deputy John Young, said: “Today, I am presenting an overview of the process that we will follow in creating this important plan for our island. There is a great amount of work to be done before the Island Plan is presented to the States in 2021, and it is essential that islanders are involved.

“The Island Plan is at the heart of the planning system and is key to balancing the island’s future economic, environmental and social needs in a way that is best for Jersey. This is difficult and challenging work and it is critical that islanders have their say at each stage. Before we start work on the detail, we will be seeking views on the strategic options to the challenges we face. This will help us to make sure we are taking the new Island Plan in the right direction.

“This consultation will be launched in the coming weeks and will be the first of a number of opportunities for islanders to get involved, and I hope that everyone will. This is a chance to influence the plan to protect and enhance the things that make Jersey such a unique and special place to live.”

More information is available on and on the Government’s social media accounts.

Government of Jersey Press Release.

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