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Public Accounts Committee (PAC) News Release

Jul 23, 2019

Concerns raised that a ‘proliferation of jargon’ makes it difficult to quantify costs and identify savings in the public sector

In May this year the PAC published the first of a series of reports examining a number of ‘recurring themes’ that have arisen from its previous reports and those of the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG).  It focused on the Organisational Culture and Corporate Learning aspects of the changes taking place in Government.  The revised response of the Chief Executive to that report is now published.  

Whilst the PAC is pleased to note that all 8 of its recommendations are accepted it remains concerned that the Chief Executive persists in using terms that are not clearly defined and there is no evidence of a clear methodology being applied to effect the change programmes.

The Chairman of the PAC, Senator Sarah Ferguson, stated:

“The PAC is concerned that with a proliferation of jargon, it is difficult to quantify costs and identify savings. We look forward to seeing further development of the actions identified in the Action Plan into clear deliverable milestones with clear delivery dates.”

Previous reports of the C&AG and PAC have made frequent reference to the need for improved corporate working and planning, cultural change and the need to move further away from a silo approach and to establish a clear timetable and milestones against which to measure progress.   As part of its ongoing scrutiny of the implementation of the change programmes, the PAC has asked that a change programme manager be identified and called to give evidence alongside the Chief Executive at the next quarterly public hearing, to demonstrate that progress.

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