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Our Hospital planning guidance

Jun 05, 2020

Planning guidance issued on new hospital

The Minister for the Environment has published new Supplementary Planning Guidance to inform any future planning application for a new hospital.

The guidance, which has been published following public consultation, has been issued by Deputy John Young, following a request from the Chair of the Our Hospital Political Oversight Group, Senator Lyndon Farnham.

Senator Farnham asked the Environment Minister for guidance on the planning process Deputy Young would expect to see applied during the site search process, and on the issues the Minister would expect to be covered by the project team when developing a planning application.

The document provides guidance on the planning and design of a new hospital, and on the issues that need to be considered when determining the hospital’s location and future development. It highlights the complex issues raised by a very large development, costing a significant amount of public money, which needs to serve the island for decades to come.

Deputy Young has made it clear in his guidance that as the development of a new hospital will have a significant effect on the interests of much of the community, he will convene a public inquiry before deciding on a planning application.

 The new Supplementary Planning Guidance can be found online on

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