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New CEO Attends First PAC Hearing

Mar 29, 2022

New CEO attends first Public Accounts Committee hearing 

The new Chief Executive of the Government of Jersey, Suzanne Wylie, was questioned at her first public hearing with the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Monday. Mrs Wylie outlined how she seeks to run an efficient public service by listening and engaging to Islanders, harnessing the passion of civil servants for the organisation, and respecting difference in the Island.

The Chief Executive informed the PAC that she agreed with her predecessor, Interim Chief Executive, Paul Martin’s assessment that the complexity of Jersey’s Government was underestimated at the start of its modernisation process, and that implementing the Target Operating Models (TOMs) has taken too long. Mrs Wylie said that ‘people are still tired’ from the change which was ‘undertaken too quickly’, but that the structure had brought coherency. She said she would resolve to engage staff in the reasons for change and what success will look like moving forward. In addition, the PAC heard that:

  • The delivery of efficiency savings needs to be revisited, which the PAC welcomes future discussion on
  • An accountability framework is needed to underpin the estate management strategy
  • A clear target to implement 80% of the Control and Auditor General’s and the PAC’s recommendations by the end of the year has been set
  • Contracts for the new hospital at Overdale will not be signed before the new Council of Ministers come into office
  • The number of vacancies to be filled in Health and Community Services is a particular concern, as is resourcing across the Government
  • A new technology strategy will be launched before the June election

The Treasurer of the States, Richard Bell, who accompanied the Chief Executive, informed the Public Accounts Committee that the first phase of the Integrated Technology Solution (ITS) programme has been delayed until the end of December as there are more key decisions to be made. Having been informed at a previous hearing that it would be implemented in April, the Committee is disappointed by the significant delay in introducing this programme even though it was assured this will not require a budget increase.

Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Deputy Inna Gardiner, said: “We thank the Chief Executive for attending her first public hearing with the Public Accounts Committee and sharing some observations of Jersey’s Government and her priorities for her first 115 days in office. Whilst the Committee was disappointed by the news of the delay to the ITS programme received during the hearing, we were pleased to hear Mrs Wylie’s emphasis on instilling passion within the people at the heart of the public sector and some of the clear objectives set out for Director Generals across Government departments. We very much look forward to maintaining a positive and collaborative working relationship with Mrs Wylie and wish her the best in her new position.”

PAC Press Release.

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