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Jersey Chamber of Commerce Press Release - Retail Survey Results

Nov 16, 2018

Press Release - Retail Survey Results 15th November 2018

The Jersey Chamber of Commerce welcomes the eagerly awaited findings from the Government funded survey into shopping habits and preferences for locals and visitors alike. Speaking of the results, Jersey Chamber President Eliot Lincoln, was hopeful that the conclusions will be a ‘call to action’ in the creation of a Retail Strategy. “Concrete actions and a defined timeline for delivery for a Retail Strategy is long overdue and these statistics are an important foundation to developing the way ahead. It’s also important that we have a living strategy that develops with us to ensure a sustainable retail offering for the future".

The survey pointed to many positive areas of customer satisfaction in shopping locally including customer service, the atmosphere and shopping experience, whilst it was clear that shopping online and the choice of shopping on a Sunday where high on the consumers’ preferences. The Chamber President went on to emphasise the need to make informed decisions on the way forward. “Getting clear metrics is paramount.  Clear stats and sector comparatives in terms of revenue, footfall, rental prices, staff costs, staff churn and vacancies, consumer demands, service quality, parking availability and costs will help us identify where we are, where we want to be and therefore the actions we need to take. To achieve this, our Government will need to work with other stakeholders on policies that enable this to happen.  The Jersey Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to the creation of the Retail Strategy and working with our Members to ensure the delivery of a cohesive Government strategy”.

Retail Survey Results

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