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Jersey and Guernsey Officials to Work Together

Dec 12, 2018

Jersey and Guernsey officials have pledged to work together to share expertise and deliver high-quality services to islanders.

On Monday [10 December] political representatives from the States of Guernsey and the Government of Jersey met in Guernsey for the second Channel Island Political Oversight Board on pan-island cooperation.

There was a recognition by all attending that a silo mentality has existed across, and within, both islands on issues such as procurement, IT and policy development. However, clear signs of a change in mind-set were noted, and both Jersey and Guernsey can now look to cooperate rather than pursue an insular approach. Several tactical examples were shared which showed a meaningful change in approach.

The islands also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on health, which sets a commitment for both islands to work together where possible whilst maintaining their own sovereignty over health and care services.

Whilst not legally binding, the MoU seeks to build on collaboration, mutual support and shared initiatives to benefit islanders.

Particular areas of joint working in healthcare include:

  • Professional liaison and operational mutual support, where both islands share expertise and clinical resources to support care delivery
  • Shared procurement for better value
  • Recruitment opportunities for joint roles
  • Shared education, particularly in nursing.

States of Jersey Press Release.

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