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Isolation Requirements Update

Apr 27, 2022

Mandatory isolation removed in law but remains in guidance

From 00.01 on Friday 29 April, Islanders who receive a positive PCR test result will no longer be required to isolate by law, as agreed by Competent Authority Ministers. However, Public Health guidance continues to strongly recommend that all positive cases isolate away from others to prevent spreading infection. This guidance is in line with other jurisdictions.

Islanders are strongly recommended to:

  • isolate and book a PCR test if they have a positive Lateral Flow Test (LFT),
  • isolate and book a PCR test if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms,
  • isolate following a positive PCR test.

After a positive PCR test, Islanders should plan to isolate for up to 10 days. Starting on Day 5 of isolation, two negative LFTs in a row 24 hours apart is a good sign that it’s OK to return to normal activity, as long as the person does not have a temperature and feels well enough. The two negative LFT results should still be submitted online at

After 10 days isolating, individuals should return to normal activity even if their LFT is still positive as long as they do not have a temperature and feel well enough.

This guidance applies irrespective of vaccination status; full guidance on how to isolate is available on

Islanders who can’t work because they are unwell and isolating after a positive PCR test result may be eligible to claim Short Term Incapacity Allowance.

COVID Safe will be communicating directly with all Islanders who are currently in isolation to inform them that the legal requirement has ended but guidance to isolate remains.

COVID-19 reporting to move from daily to weekly

In line with COVID-19 de-escalation measures, the Public Health Intelligence team will change their COVID-19 reporting frequency. The last daily update will be published on Friday 29 April, after which time the daily publication of statistics will change to weekly, with COVID-19 statistics being published every Thursday on

Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell (STAC)

As part of the de-escalation of the COVID-19 emergency, Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell (STAC) will be stood down for the moment but will remain on standby should there be a need to reinstate COVID-19 emergency decision making. 

Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré, said: “I am pleased to announce that isolation following a positive PCR test will no longer be a legal requirement. This decision has been made based on the latest Public Health intelligence and is proportionate to the new phase of the pandemic that we are now in. However, it is important to highlight that Public Health guidance continues to strongly encourage isolation to Islanders who are symptomatic, waiting for their PCR test result, or have had a positive COVID-19 test result.

“Islanders are already understanding and managing their own personal risk and have become so accustomed to isolating away from others when infected with COVID-19. This behaviour, to protect others, has become ingrained in Jersey’s culture, and it must continue.

“It is important to recognise that we are not post-COVID-19, we are post-emergency. This means the virus still poses a threat. I therefore strongly urge Islanders to continue following the guidance so that we can all enjoy an uninterrupted summer. I’d like to thank Islanders for continuing to do the right thing, it is down to you that we are able to move from a legal requirement to guidance. The good position we now find ourselves in, is in large part thanks to our vaccination coverage and I want to thank all those who have taken up all of their jabs, not only protecting themselves but also our wider community. At this stage it remains important for Islanders to maintain their vaccination status in accordance with the guidelines which will be updated from time to time according to the prevailing advice.

”I would also like to extend my thanks to members of STAC, who have been integral in providing scientific and technical advice to Government throughout the pandemic response. I would like to thank all members of the Cell, past and present, for their efforts and their expertise throughout the pandemic. Their advice has been integral to the decisions we have taken as Competent Authority Ministers and the response we have marshalled as an Island.”

Deputy Medical Officer for Health, Dr Ivan Muscat, said: “With the decreased incidence of severe illness from a COVID-19 infection in Jersey, and more cohorts becoming eligible for COVID-19 primary course vaccination or boosters, it is appropriate to remove legal requirements.

“Over the past two years, Islanders have protected themselves and one another by following the Public Health guidance and adhering to the legal requirements, it is very important that a proportionate approach continues albeit under the umbrella of a recommendation. Islanders should continue doing what they have already been doing by following the guidance to isolate, test, and vaccinate.

Government of Jersey Press Release.

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