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Islanders encouraged to give local charities a boost this autumn

Sep 07, 2020

Islanders who can afford it are being asked to make a donation that could give local charity and voluntary organisations and the local community a boost this autumn.

With islanders receiving a £100 Spend Local card this week as part of the Government of Jersey’s Covid-19 economic stimulus plan, the Association of Jersey Charities (AJC) is launching its ‘Charity Booster Appeal’, calling on those who can afford it, to make a donation to a local charity once they have used their cards – a donation that could have a double benefit for the local economy and community.

A donation would not only help support local charities through a challenging time to deliver essential community services, it would also have the economic benefit of enabling charities to spend money locally on items they need.

If everyone made a donation of just £10 off the back of the Spend Local card initiative, the charity sector, and the island community, could benefit by an injection of more than £1m.

To enable people to make a donation, the AJC has set up an easy to use online facility through its website that allows people to make a donation either directly to any AJC member charity of their choice, or to pick a charity sector, in which case the AJC will make the funds available to all charities operating in that sector, AJC members or not.  Donors also have the option of giving the AJC full discretion to attribute funds to charities most in need of financial support, irrespective of sector.

Liz Le Poidevin, Chairman of the AJC, said:

As local charities emerge from the biggest challenge of a generation we hope this appeal will enable them to deliver critical and complementary services and provide the environmental and cultural benefits that are so important to our island’s recovery. It will have a tangible double benefit for the island – giving local charities a boost whilst also making a substantial positive difference to the Jersey economy.

We want to make it clear that we aren't asking people to make donations using their Spend Local cards. Absolutely, islanders should go out and use those in local shops and businesses to give them the boost they need. But for those that can afford to, it would be fantastic if they could also use this as an opportunity to make a donation to a local charity. The newly established appeal page on our website gives people flexibility to donate to a charity or sector of their choice or let the AJC facilitate that donation to a charity that needs it.”

AJC Patron, Lieutenant-Governor, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton GCB, BSc, FRAeS added:

Many charities in Jersey have stepped up to deliver key services during the COVID-19 medical emergency, but many of them have seen their resources seriously depleted in doing so and many others have been unable to actively seek donations over the last few months. So as the Jersey Government seeks to do its best to regenerate our Island economy, for example in giving everybody a £100 Spend Local card to use in local cafes, restaurants and shops, I hope that, those who can afford it, will give whatever they can to local charities to help them continue to provide much needed help across our Island community.”

More information about the AJC’s Charity Booster Appeal can be found at

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