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Island Identity Project Launch

May 11, 2021

Assistant Chief Minister, Deputy Carolyn Labey, will launch the Island Identity project, an initiative which explores the different elements that define Jersey, and considers how these distinctive qualities can be recognised afresh, nurtured and celebrated. The project has been welcomed and endorsed by the Bailiff.

The Island Identity Project seeks to understand how members of the public, parishes, businesses and organisations value Jersey: what makes it special and why it matters; and seeks ways to improve, nurture and promote the Island as it positions itself for the future in a globalised world.

A report of recommendations was produced following the extensive research completed by a Policy Development Board, chaired by Deputy Labey, which included suggested opportunities where the Island’s Identity could be better enhanced and promoted - both within the Island and on the International stage.

The Deputy was tasked by the Chief Minister to lead the project.

Over the summer months, Islanders are invited to share their views on what Jersey means to them and what can be done to improve the distinctiveness of our Island and embrace our diverse community. Islanders will be able to:

  • Join the discussion online at
  • Join the discussion via the Government of Jersey Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages
  • Look out for a series of events and pop-ups over the summer
  • Have input into focus groups

Assistant Chief Minister, Deputy Carolyn Labey, said:

“There is a profound and almost universally-shared sense that what we have in Jersey is special and worth protecting, yet also a widespread feeling that something is being lost. How can Jersey change with the times, embrace diversity, be a welcoming place for immigrants, play its part in an increasingly interconnected (and homogenous) world, yet still preserve and nurture its uniqueness? I believe that discovering and celebrating what people themselves value about the Island can help provide common focal points for our growing and increasingly-diverse population.”

“Furthermore, how others see us matters too. Internationally, our long-term future relies on projecting a positive image of the Island; a richer international personality than just that of our world-class finance industry. Our unique history and constitutional status, and our extraordinary endeavours in other fields should also be recognised and promoted as part of this personality. Coordinating and projecting these facets of our Island identity will help us build the reputation and relationships we will depend on to thrive in a globalised world. And with the challenges of Brexit, climate change, pandemic recovery and huge technological advances changing the ways we work, the time is right to position ourselves as a global citizen with much to offer. Our future is ours alone to shape.”

“I give grateful thanks to the Island Identity Policy Board and the Contributors for their work so far in the project, now it is important that we hear from you and ask; what does Jersey mean to you?”

Island Identity Interim Report

Government of Jersey News Release.

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