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Bridging Island Plan Inspectors Invite Further Representations

Oct 12, 2021

The independent inspectors examining the draft Bridging Island Plan are inviting Islanders to submit further formal comments (representations) on specific areas of the plan.

The inspectors recently announced their Public Examination will start on Monday 15 November and run for two weeks. It will determine whether the plan provides the orderly, comprehensive and sustainable development of land in a way that best serves the interests of Islanders.

In advance of the public hearings, the inspectors are accepting further written representations, as follows:

  • Anyone who has submitted an initial representation may submit a further representation in relation to matters which have previously been raised by any representation to the draft Bridging Island Plan (both public representations and States Members’ Amendments); matters raised by the Minister for the Environment’s Post-Consultation Report; matters to be addressed as set out in the EiP Programme; or matters to be raised at the Plenary session (where material to the Plan).
  • Where an initial representation has not otherwise been made, the Inspectors are inviting new representations (which may be made by any person who has a legitimate interest) on the following matters of significance that have emerged, with particular reference to:
  • The alternative sites for affordable housing suggested by SR 26 (page 79) of Part 3 of the Minister for the Environment’s Post-Consultation Report, listed in Appendix 2 to the EiP Programme.
  • The alternative policy options posed by the Minister for the Environment for further consideration, including those further changes which the Minister is minded to make, as set out in Part 3: Statement Responses of his Post-Consultation Report.
  • The sites suggested for allocation in the initial representations received to the draft Bridging Island Plan consultation (non-allocated sites), set out in the list at Appendix 3 of the EiP Programme.
  • The modifications described as substantive in Part 6 of the Minister for the Environment’s Post-Consultation Report.
  • The changes suggested by States Members amendments that the Minister for the Environment is minded to accept in Part 5 of his Post-Consultation Report.

Additional representations, which will be published, must be a maximum of 1,500 words and include the author’s name and postal address.

Islanders have until 5pm on Friday 22 October 2021 to send their formal comments to [email protected] or post to:

Helen Wilson, IP Programme Officer

c/o Government of Jersey

Strategic Policy, Planning and Performance

19-21 Broad Street

St Helier



On Tuesday (12 October) an online webinar, hosted by the Island Plan review team, will explain more about the process and the main issues about which the inspectors wish to hear. Tickets are available on Eventbrite

Once the examination is complete, the inspectors will submit a report to the Minister for Environment. States Members can then propose further amendments in light of the inspectors’ recommendations before the plan is debated by the States Assembly in spring 2022.

For more on the Examination in Public, including the hearings programme, visit

Government of Jersey News Release.

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