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Government Reaches Halfway Point of 100- Day Actions

Aug 31, 2022

Jersey’s new Government has reached the halfway point of its 100-Day Actions. These actions are a set of 18 priorities aimed at improving Government decision-making, increasing transparency and engagement, and addressing some immediate concerns of Islanders. 

The Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore, said: “After setting an ambitious 18-point, 100-Day Action plan, we are now delivering on it. 

“In early August, we announced a proposed Mini Budget, which aims to put money back in islanders’ pockets and helps to address the rising cost of living. 

“For lower income Islanders, we’ve announced an increase in the value of payments to the Cost of Living Temporary Scheme. We are proposing to double the value of the community costs bonus, set cold weather payments at £70 a month this winter, and reduce social security contributions for all islanders by 2%. 

“The Mini Budget is due to be debated on 13 September and forms a significant part of delivering our 100-Day Actions on behalf of the public.

”Over the past 50 days, the Government have also made announcements on: 

  • Launching an appeals process for the Co-Funded Payroll Scheme with details soon to follow 
  • Introducing a set of participation standards for Jersey that will ensure all Government departments and partners are working to the same set of standards when involving and listening to children and young people in policy and decision making, and 
  • Providing free sanitary products for schools from September. 

The Government will soon be able to announce progress on further actions, including: 

  • The Our Hospital Review Scope and Processes (expected imminently), 
  • Work on the Older Persons Living Forum, 
  • The Public Service Ombudsman, and 
  • How we’re progressing on being able to offer free school meals. 

Deputy Moore, added: “Our progress in delivering 

on these 18 actions highlights that we are listening to Islanders, and that we are committed to making the changes they want to see throughout the term of this Government. 

“I would like to thank all those working on the 100-Day Actions for their continued hard work in helping us to deliver them within the ambitious timeframe we have set out.” 

To mark the halfway point, and to reaffirm the commitment to improving Government decision-making and increasing transparency, the Council of Ministers has agreed to the formation of a Cabinet Office. 

The Cabinet Office will bring together the Office of the Chief Executive (OCE), the Chief Operating Office (COO), and Strategic Policy, Planning and Performance (SPPP) into a combined department to better co-ordinate and support the delivery of the new Council of Ministers’ objectives. 

The Chief Executive and Head of the Public Service, Suzanne Wylie said: “This is a really exciting opportunity for employees to work closer with Ministers and drive forward their political agenda. 

“The Cabinet Office will have a focus on delivery, service improvements, and performance. It will directly support the Chief Minister and her Council of Ministers.” 

Deputy Moore said: “Jersey’s Cabinet Office will allow Ministers to set the political direction, strengthen our decision-making, and drive improvement and efficiency across Government.” 

Throughout these 100 days, Government and officials are continuing to develop the longer-term Government Programme, Common Strategic Priorities, Ministerial Plans, and budget.

Government of Jersey News Release. 

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