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Further protection for marine life from unsustainable fishing

May 27, 2020

The Environment Minister, Deputy John Young, has agreed to extend the Sea Fisheries Order to extend bag limits for recreational fishermen to a wider number of species, to protect them from potential overexploitation.

The Marine Resources team reviewed recreational fishing in Jersey and identified the highly targeted species and ones which may become more vulnerable in the future. The teams recommendations include introducing 45 new bag limits covering a total of 102 marine species.

The Minister for the Environment Deputy John Young said: “Having consulted with the Marine Resources Panel and key sector representatives, species have been identified in terms of their abundance, biology and resilience to exploitation. I’m happy to bring in these new bag limits which will protect marine species and avoid stocks becoming depleted which has wider consequences to all marine wildlife.”

Some key limits include:

  • Chancre crabs and lobsters will be limited to 5 per person/boat per day
  • Mackerel will be limited to 40 fish per person per day
  • Ormers will remain at 20 shells per person per day
  • Scallop diving permits will remain in place

Marine Resources Panel recreational angling representative Steve Mullins said: “These new limits will help to sustain a healthy and thriving industry whilst working with fishermen to maintain ongoing support for the protection of our local sea life.”

The limits apply to all fishermen who do not hold commercial licenses and further information can be found on

Government of Jersey News Release.

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