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Election of the Council of Ministers and Scrutiny Chairs

Jul 08, 2022

The new States Assembly will meet at 9:30am on Monday 11 July to elect the Council of Ministers and the Chairs of Scrutiny Panels and Committees. 

The meeting will be dedicated to the election of these roles and will be broadcast live via Public-I using the following links:

The newly elected Chief Minister designate Kristina Moore will put forward her Council of Ministers at Monday’s States Meeting.

Please find the Order Paper here, which includes the names of nominees for each of the 11 Ministerial positions and the order in which they will propose them.

Once each nomination has been made, other members will be able to make alternative nominations to the same position. Each candidate speaks for up to 10 minutes and faces questions for up to 20 minutes (even if there is only one candidate). If there is a contested election for any Ministerial position, a vote is taken.

If the Chief Minister designate’s nominee is unsuccessful, she can make changes to her subsequent nominations. Once all 11 other Ministers have been appointed by the States, the Chief Minister and the 11 Ministers officially take office, and the new Council of Ministers is formed.

The Chief Minister designate will officially take up the position when the Council of Ministers has been elected.

The Assembly will then move to appoint the following:

  • Chair of the Privileges and Procedures Committee (PPC)
  • Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)
  • Chairs of the five Scrutiny Panels
  • Chair of the Planning Committee

The process is the same for all appointments. Ministers will not be able to serve in these positions and nominations will be sought on the floor of the Chamber.

Each candidate (even if there is only one) can speak for up to 10 minutes and then faces up to 20 minutes of questions. Where there is a contested position, a vote is taken to determine who will fill the position.

On Tuesday 19 July, the States Assembly will meet again to decide upon the membership of the various Committees and Panels: PPC, PAC, the five Scrutiny Panels, the Planning Committee and two members to serve on the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission.

Nominations for these positions are taken at the meeting and there are no speeches or questions; members simply vote to decide who will fill the roles. The Assembly will appoint one member from the five Scrutiny Chairs and the Chair of PAC as the President of the Scrutiny Liaison Committee (SLC).

A notification when each statement begins and the results of the vote will be shared on the States Assembly Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the meeting.

States Assembly News Release.

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