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Election ’22 Breakdown of Results

Aug 03, 2022

A full breakdown of results at the recent election have been made available on 

Those in charge of election counts were asked to complete Report and Reconciliation Forms (RRFs) for each election. The tables on (and attached as Appendices to this release) report the raw data from those RRFs. No attempt has been made to correct any casting issues in the data. In the case of the St. Saviour Connétable election, the data are taken from the affidavit from the Master of the Royal Court, reporting on the recount ordered by the Court. The election data could not be published in full until the results of that recount were known. 

Based on the raw data in the tables:

  • 25,264 ballots for Deputies were counted across the Island, a turnout figure of 41.6% based on a total register figure of 60,678;
  • as a percentage, the turnout for Deputies was highest in the constituency of Grouville and St. Martin (51.6%) and lowest in the constituency of St. Helier Central (28.8%);
  • excluding St. Saviour, the turnout figure for Connétable elections was 39.8%; St. Mary had the highest turnout (53.1%) and St. Helier the lowest (32.4%).

Full Breakdown of Results Press Release.

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