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Corporate Services Panel to Scrutinise Government Plan 2022-25

Oct 04, 2021

Scrutiny’s Corporate Services Panel has launched a review of the Government Plan 2022-2025. This rolling four-year plan, which seeks to bring public income and spending together to support the Government’s strategic priorities, is updated each year to consider changes in the Island’s economic outlook. 

In completing this review, the Panel will examine:

  • Where funding over £500,000 has been allocated, and where it has decreased and increased significantly from last year
  • Project overspends, delays, deferrals and those which do not align with the Common Strategic Priorities
  • Projects which are contentious in the public eye and of concern to stakeholders
  • Whether resources allocated to projects are sufficient or excessive
  • The impact of projects on Islanders, particularly children
  • Last year’s Plan to determine whether the agreed projects were realised

Chair of the Corporate Services Panel, Senator Kristina Moore, said “As the second Government Plan to be published since the onset of COVID-19, it is important that we closely scrutinise how the Government’s response to the pandemic has affected how public money is spent and whether this spending is in keeping with the Common Strategic Priorities. Our review will examine a number of projects within the Plan which are of particular relevance to the Panel and, ultimately, seek to determine whether these projects are appropriate, deliverable, and will have a positive social impact on Islanders.”

To inform its review, the Panel will hold public hearings with relevant Ministers and provide key stakeholders and members of the public with the opportunity to share their views on Government Plan projects which are within the Panel’s remit.

Along with other Scrutiny Panel reviews of the Government Plan 2022-25 to be launched in the coming weeks, the Corporate Services Panel’s report will inform the States Assembly’s debate on the Plan during the week of 14 December 2021.

Scrutiny Press Release.

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