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31 July Tax Filing Deadline Extended

Jul 15, 2021

An extension to the online tax return filing date means that Islanders now have until 31 August to file their tax returns, instead of the original 31 July deadline.

The decision - which has been taken in light of the changing COVID-19 situation - will mean that the 18,500 taxpayers who have yet to file their tax returns online will have an extra month to do so.

Anyone who intends to file their tax return online will need to activate a onegov account and set up a digital ID using Yoti. They will need a smartphone and valid passport to do this.

Taxpayers who file their personal income tax return through an agent can also benefit from the extended 31 August deadline. About 5,000 customers have tax agents who file for them.

Comptroller of Revenue, Richard Summersgill, said: "We have introduced this one-off extension in response to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation.

"We understand the practical difficulties that Islanders face at the minute.  Those who are now following Government guidance and working from home, may find it harder to gather the necessary paperwork to complete their tax return.

"I would still urge all taxpayers to file ahead of the deadline wherever they can, and not leave it until the last minute. In particular, I'd remind everyone that they will need to allow enough time to set up a onegov account and a digital ID, and allow time for verification checks, in order to avoid a late filing penalty.

"We have step-by-step guidance on activating a onegov account which is specifically designed to provide additional instructions and tips, for those Islanders who may be less confident about using smartphone applications. 

"In addition, our colleagues in Customer and Local Services are experienced in supporting customers who need extra help with the process."

So far, Revenue Jersey has received 15,500 online returns and 46,500 tax returns in total. There are in total 18,500 returns outstanding.

Online tax return filing is available via the Government of Jersey website.

More information about onegov, including how to activate your account, is available online via the Government of Jersey website.

Customer and Local Services can provide support by phone (01534 444444), or by email [email protected].

Government of Jersey News Release.

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