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Labour Market Report for June 2019

Oct 14, 2019

Jersey's labour market report is published every six months and covers key aspects of the job market for both the private and public sector.

In June 2019

  • the total number of jobs was 62,440, the highest figure recorded to date

      • there were 54,630 jobs in the private sector, the highest figure recorded to date
      • there were 7,810 jobs in the public sector
  • there were 480 more jobs than in June 2018, representing an annual increase of 0.8%

      • the private sector recorded an annual increase of 380 jobs (0.7%)
      • the number of jobs in the public sector increased by 110 (1.4%)
  • the increase in jobs in the private sector was predominantly due to an increase in the number of full time positions, up by 230
  • 6,830 jobs in the economy were on zero-hours contracts, representing 11% of the total
  • there were 7,750 undertakings employing staff in the private sector, 170 more than a year earlier; over half (4,430) were single-person undertakings

At a sectoral level

  • five sectors saw an increase in jobs on an annual basis; notable increases were observed in finance and legal activities (up 220), miscellaneous business activities (up 180), and education, health and other services and information and communication (each up 80)
  • five sectors saw a decrease in jobs on an annual basis; there were notable decreases in wholesale and retail (down 110) and agriculture and fishing (down 80)
  • the number of jobs in finance and legal activities was down slightly from its highest level recorded to date in December 2018, but the number was up on an annual basis; fund administration saw the largest annual increase in jobs in this sector (up 190)
  • the annual increase of 110 jobs in the public sector was due to increases of 30 in the number of Government of Jersey (GoJ) core employees, of 60 in GoJ posts filled on zero-hours contracts and of 30 in non-States workers

Over the last five years (from June 2014 to June 2019), there has been an increase of 4,590 jobs in the private sector, an increase of 9%. The sectors seeing the largest increases in job numbers over the last five years are:

  • private sector education, health and other services (up by 1,650; 25%)
  • miscellaneous business activities (up 1,000; 19%)
  • financial and legal activities (up 980; 8%)
  • construction and quarrying (up 900; 18%)

Over the same five-year period, the number of jobs in the public sector decreased by 590 (down by 7%).

Labour Market Report, June 2019

Government of Jersey News Release

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