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Labour Market Report for June 2018

Nov 07, 2018

Jersey's labour market report is published every six months and covers key aspects of both public and private sector total employment.

In June 2018:

  • total employment was 61,930, the highest figure recorded to date
    • employment in the private sector was 54,220, the highest figure recorded to date
    • employment in the public sector was 7,700
  • total employment was 320 higher than in June 2017, representing an annual increase of 0.5%
    • employment in the private sector increased by 450 on an annual basis
    • employment in the public sector decreased by 140 on an annual basis
  • the increase in private sector employment was predominantly due to an increase in the number of full time employees, up by 530
  • 6,550 jobs in the private and public sectors were on zero-hours contracts, representing 11% of total employment
  • there were 7,570 active undertakings in the private sector, 330 more than a year earlier; over half (4,170) were single-person undertakings

At a sectoral level:

  • several sectors saw increased employment on an annual basis, notably private education, health and other services (up 400)
  • in contrast, wholesale and retail saw a decrease of 80 in headcount on an annual basis
  • employment in the finance sector increased by 50 on an annual basis:
    • total employment in finance was down 30 from December 2017, when it was at a nine-year high
    • trust and company administration saw increased employment (up 60), to the highest level recorded by this sub-sector to date; the legal sub-sector also saw increased employment, up 40
  • the public sector headcount decreased by 140 on an annual basis, driven by decreased numbers of States of Jersey staff on zero-hours contracts (down 110) and employment by the parishes (down 60)


Labour market report June 2018

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