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Gender Pay Gap in Jersey Identified

Jul 17, 2019

The Gender Pay Gap Review Panel has presented its report today after a yearlong full and detailed investigation exploring whether there is a gender pay gap in Jersey. The Panel has concluded that there is a gender pay gap, but wide-ranging statistical evidence is required in order to assess the extent of it in the Jersey economy.  

Unlike the UK, there is currently no requirement for employers in Jersey to report on their gender pay gap. With the general absence of statistical data, the Panel largely collected qualitative (i.e. non-numerical) research during its review.

The Panel asked a range of stakeholders whether they thought there was a gender pay gap in Jersey. Most, including the Chief Minister, acknowledged that Jersey does have a gender pay gap and the following themes were identified as contributing factors:

  • Gender stereotypes from school age
  • Occupational segregation stemming from subject choice at school
  • Unconscious bias in the workplace
  • The “glass ceiling” which stops women reaching upper levels in the workplace
  • More women taking on domestic commitments
  • More women taking on caring responsibilities

The Panel has made 36 key findings and 13 recommendations in its report. The Panel has recommended that the Government collects, analyses and publishes data in relation to the public sector gender pay gap and related issues. It believes this should raise awareness of the underlying issues associated with gender pay gaps such as social norms, biases and gender stereotypes. Rather than recommending statutory measures are introduced, the Panel has opted to make a number of recommendations in the first instance which focus on initiating a cultural shift to remove the barriers women face in progressing in their careers.  

The Chair of the Panel, Deputy Louise Doublet said:

This has been an extensive and in-depth review which has concluded that there is a gender pay gap in Jersey. The crux of the matter is collecting the necessary statistical data to assess the extent of the problem in Jersey’s economy. The Government of Jersey should lead the way on this because it will give us the opportunity to investigate where the issues are and what they mean. We have made a number of recommendations which focus on creating that cultural shift needed to remove the barriers to women progressing in their careers. We believe that the public sector should set an example to all employers in Jersey in order to shift the balance more equally across the workforce.
We will follow-up on the review once our recommendations, if accepted, have had time to bed in and take effect. If we see that the Government of Jersey is not taking the necessary steps to close the gender pay gap, we will explore the possibility of introducing statutory measures to initiate the change required.” 

SCRUTINY REPORT: Is there a Gender Pay Gap in Jersey?

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