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Joint statement from GPs and Minister for Health and Social Services

Jul 02, 2020

The Primary Care Body, on behalf of all the GPs in the Island, wish to inform patients that GPs will not be renewing the temporary contracts with Health and Community Services in August. This is due to the reduced rate of infection from COVID-19 and their wish to restore previous services to patients as soon as possible.

Dr James Mair, on behalf of The Primary Care Body, said:

“The recent advertisement by the ‘Friends of our new Hospital’ suggesting that the Jersey Care Model was being introduced by stealth was not factually correct. Furthermore, Doctor Minihane would like to personally distance himself from the comments made within the advertisement and articles, which were attributed to him erroneously. We are aware this has caused anxiety to some patients and wish to reassure them.

“The Primary Care Body has been working closely with the Health and Community Services (HCS) department over the past few months to safeguard Islanders from the COVID-19 outbreak. Now that the risk of infection has reduced, it is time to restore previous services to our patients as soon as possible.

“We are in discussion with HCS to look at ways patients can be supported coming out of lockdown, and what provision should be made should a second wave occur. We are also looking at the positives that have come from the necessary changes to see which of these may be utilised to improve patient care. Please rest assured all the GPs in Jersey wish to continue with the highly valued personal service to patients.”

Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Richard Renouf, said:

“I agree with the Primary Care Body’s concerns regarding the advertisement from the Friends of our new Hospital. It was inaccurate and misleading. We have developed a close and collaborative working relationship with the Island’s GPs during the time of the COVID-19 emergency and we are grateful to them for their approach to joint working.

“I have personally been contacted by many Islanders on this subject and am pleased to confirm that we are in constructive talks with the GPs with the aim of improving healthcare for Islanders. The value of the personal relationship between GPs and patients is clear for all to see and we have no wish to make changes to that.”

Government of Jersey News Release.

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