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Digital teams strengthen Jersey’s healthcare system

Sep 17, 2020

Digital systems have recently transformed the way healthcare is delivered in Jersey, with several projects reaching completion during this pandemic.

The Digital Health team in Health and Community Services (HCS) and officers from the Modernisation and Digital department have recently implemented the following services:

  • StarLeaf in-house communication tool
  • Office 365 installation for key workers
  • External software allowing remote access to clinical data
  • COVID command rooms within the hospital with real time data statistics
  • Custom designed equipment at the Urgent Treatment Centre

The StarLeaf system allows for rapid discussion and emergency clinical contact to be made regarding patient care and treatment, which has improved the way medical and nursing staff communicate.

‘COVID command rooms’ were set up within the hospital and community, with devices and applications that provided virtual communication and conferencing tools. The digital team provided real-time data analytics to the command rooms on patient numbers, equipment stock and island-wide bed use as well as developing ways to monitor virus transmission rates and contacts. This work has been nicknamed ‘The Bunker’ and has involved members of Jersey’s digital business community as well as Digital Jersey.

Dr Austin Gibbs, director of the Allan Lab said: “Working with the Government Informatics and Modernisation departments, we have created an intelligent data platform that allows us to have minute-by-minute visualisation of the situation of our hospital. The platform is being extended to include information about the whole Island of Jersey, allowing us to be proactive and get to the right people in the right place at the right time.”

Key health workers have been set up with Office 365 to enable regular video meetings to maintain physical distance whenever possible. iPads have been provided for the Intensive Care Unit, as well as other wards, to allow video communication between core clinical areas to reduce movement around the hospital during the pandemic.

Dr Andrew Mitchell, Consultant Cardiologist and Chief Clinical Information Officer for Jersey, added: “We have implemented external software which enables healthcare workers to access clinical data anywhere in the Island as part of a project called ‘Healthcare Anywhere’. These digital solutions have and will continue to transform the way we deliver healthcare in Jersey and has been especially useful for clinicians in isolation.”

The Urgent Treatment Centre provided areas for medical staff and GPs to see patients with new computer equipment, custom-designed for the pandemic response. A new computer operating system and devices also provide paperless working at the Nightingale Wing.

Bernie Morrin, Head of HCS Digital Delivery said: “Without doubt the lessons learnt from COVID demonstrates just how critical the use of digital technologies and integrated communications are to delivering modern health and community care. I am extremely proud of the whole team and their answer to the call ‘we are all in this together’.”

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