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Coronavirus: Updated Advice

Feb 25, 2020

Advice from Public Health England (PHE) has been updated to ask people arriving from any of the dozen or so Northern Italian towns under specific containment measures (see below for details) to stay at home and isolate themselves from other people for 14 days, even if they have no flu-like symptoms.

PHE has updated its list of Category 1 countries. They are asking travellers to self-isolate on their return from these countries for 14 days even if they have no symptoms. This list now includes Iran and any Italian town under special measures. In addition, this list in Jersey has been adapted to include the whole of mainland China (not just Hubei) and the whole of South Korea, not just special containment areas.

A helpline – (01534) 445566 – is available for anybody in Jersey who is concerned that they may have symptoms of Coronavirus. The line is open between 8.30am and 11pm. Islanders who contact the number outside of these times, or who phone and the line is busy, can leave a message and their call will be returned.

Consultant Microbiologist, Dr Ivan Muscat, said: “Our clinicians are working hard to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and we can all play our part by following advice. We should self-isolate where appropriate, call the helpline and not turn up unannounced at the GP’s surgery or Emergency Department, and practice basic hygiene.

“Washing hands regularly, ensuring surface and touch-surface hygiene, and using tissues when we cough and sneeze plays a critical role in minimising the spread of viruses like this.”

Islanders who develop a fever, a cough or difficulty breathing within 14 days of travel from countries affected by Coronavirus (COVID -19) should call the helpline for assistance and to arrange testing.

People are reminded that they should self-isolate and not attend the Emergency Department or their GP surgery unannounced.

The countries affected by Coronavirus are:

  • Northern Italy (specific lockdown areas as designated by the government of Italy)
  • Mainland China
  • Iran
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Macau
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Myanmar

Anyone arriving in Jersey from mainland China or from the specific towns locked down in Northern Italy, Iran or South Korea should self-isolate for 14 days after their arrival, whether or not they have symptoms.

People who have travelled from an affected country and feel very unwell, should call an ambulance and state their travel history, but they are asked not to go to the GP or the Emergency Department without contacting them first.

Hygiene measures

Simple hygiene practices can reduce the spread of viruses. Islanders are reminded to:

  • always carry tissues and use them to catch coughs and sneezes - bin the tissue
  • wash hands with soap and water, or use sanitiser gel, to kill germs
  • ensure surface and touch surface hygiene

Up to date information about Coronavirus

Government of Jersey News Release.

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