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Tax Amendment Law Review Launched

Jun 09, 2021

Review of Taxation Amendment Law launched

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel has launched a review of the proposed Income Tax, GST and Revenue Administration Law (the “Taxation Amendment Law”).

Due to be brought forward for debate by the Minister for Treasury and Resources on 20 July 2021, the Taxation Amendment Law is part of a wider project to reform Jersey’s tax system and specifically seeks to:

  • Limit the Comptroller of Revenue’s power to amend assessments
  • Enhance the Comptroller ability to manage appeals to the Commissioners of Appeal
  • Empower the Commissioners of Appeal to publish anonymised determinations
  • Enable Revenue Jersey to compel a taxpayer to produce information where they refuse to co-operate with a tax enquiry

The Panel’s review will scrutinise the Law to ensure its accuracy, adequacy and consider whether it addresses the concerns raised by the Panel in its 2019 review of the Revenue Administration Law. It will also consider the wider impact of this Law on the operation of Jersey’s tax and revenue system and the public.

To inform its review, the Panel will consult a range of stakeholders, including tax professionals, accounting firms and members of the public & businesses (as taxpayers).

Chair of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel, Senator Kristina Moore, said: “The Panel’s 2019 review of the Revenue Administration Law highlighted the need to reform Jersey’s tax laws. Our latest review will determine the extent to which the Panel’s recommendations have been incorporated into the Taxation Amendment Law. We will address how this Law will affect the public, whether it is fair and clear, its benefits and drawbacks, and what safeguards are in place to ensure the Commissioners of Appeal review appeals made against the Comptroller.”

The Panel encourages Islanders to share their views on the proposed changes to Jersey’s tax system by completing the ‘get involved’ form on the States Assembly website or by emailing [email protected].

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