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Revenue Jersey Update - Combined Employer Returns

Apr 17, 2020

New timetable set for introduction of the CER

As a result of ongoing discussions with industry representatives, and our own departments, we have re-planned the delivery of the new CER to go live January 2022.

The project has been moved back 12 months in response to the general preference amongst software suppliers to have a year-end change-over to the new regime. The new timeline will avoid the additional development work that would be needed to create and roll out 2 versions of the software in one 12 month period. We are pleased to share an updated timetable for the main phases of the change programme below.

Revenue Jersey would like to ensure we are able to communicate with all those 3rd Party Software Suppliers who wish to receive updates on the progress of this programme, and notifications when new data is release. Should you wish to receive updates slightly in advance of information being sent to your clients, please can you register to be added to our Payroll Supplier Register. You will then also receive information about future policy work and consultations.

Timetable overview

We can summarise the timetable as follows:

Release of the final new file format in January 2021, which should not carry any significant changes to the currently available schema.

System testing will begin in July 2021 and beta testing for 3rd parties will open for Q4 2021.

We will keep the existing system open from January 2022 until 30th June 2022 to accept late and corrected submissions for periods up to 31st Dec 2021 but all new returns for periods from 1st January 2022 must be in the new format and submitted through the new system.

May 2020

GoJ confirm final specifications with their systems supplier

Any feedback on the prototype CER Return XML data file exchange format (made available 22/01/2019) must be sent to [email protected] before the end of May 2020

To Dec 2020

GoJ supplier develops full SSC and CER solutions ready for testing.

Jan 2021

Final CER Return XML data file exchange format finalised (excluding regulatory changes that impact the data file).

CER data file exchange format available to all interested third parties.

To June 2021

GoJ UAT period.

From July 2021

Third party developers participate in beta testing.

From Oct 2021

Open test system to public*.

Dec 2021

Subject to approval of the Treasurers Budget, all final rates, ceilings, allowances made available to employers and 3rd party software providers.

To 15 Jan 2022

December 2021 CERs submitted in the old format.

From 1 Jan 2022

New CER ready to receive all returns covering period from 1st Jan 2022.

From 1 Jan 2022

Subject to States Assembly approval, the new regulations come into effect to move Social Security Contributions filing to monthly (from quarterly) and update the “Eight Hour rule”

30 June 2022

Old system for pre-January 2022 late returns and re-submissions closes.

Update from Revenue Jersey

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