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Limiting the economic impact of social distancing

Mar 20, 2020

The Government of Jersey recognise the significant challenges faced by Island businesses from the ongoing impact of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses will need to adapt to accommodate updated advice on social distancing that will affect both customer-facing and administrative staff.

The impact on businesses, including closures and possible redundancies, has a real impact on Islanders livelihoods, as well as their mental and physical health. Keeping Islanders working and businesses viable underpins the support for the community which is being announced today.

We want and ask businesses to support their employees as we are supporting them in this difficult time.

The Coronavirus Payroll Co-funding Scheme, announced today, will provide 6 weeks of co-funded payrolls between sector-specific employers and the Government of Jersey. The Government will retrospectively pay employers a subsidy of each employees wage, up to the value of £200 per employee, per week.

This scheme will come into effect for those in employment today and until the end of March, with the first payment due at the beginning of April.

The scheme will operate until the end of April 2020, at which point a structured solution will be introduced by the Council of Ministers for debate by the States Assembly, providing long-term support and security for Island businesses during the lifespan of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Minister for Economic Development and Minister for Social Security will be announcing further details of the scheme at a Press Conference at 15:30 this afternoon. 


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