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Delay in Processing Tax Returns

Jul 15, 2019

The Comptroller of Taxes is advising islanders that their tax returns will take longer to process this year, because Revenue Jersey needs to perform a number of one-off tasks as part of the process of setting up a new computer system and moving taxpayers’ records to it.   

The move to the new Revenue Management system means that islanders will be able to file their tax returns online in future, but also means that they will receive their 2018 assessments later than usual. 

Revenue officers usually aim to complete the process of turning tax returns into tax assessments by the end of October, but they have estimated that the process will take at least until Christmas this year.

Richard Summersgill, Comptroller of Taxes, said: “As forewarned over the last year, we are running behind on processing tax returns because of the recent move to our new system. As we process each tax return, we are undertaking additional vital tasks to make sure that the new system holds as much information as possible about individual taxpayers. This is good for islanders in the long run, because it will improve the services they can access from Revenue Jersey.”  

Although services will be disrupted for the next few months, most islanders will be able to access their tax assessments much more quickly next year. 

Mr Summersgill added: “We’re sorry that our services will be disrupted over the next few months. We understand that the delays are frustrating, but the new system will bring a positive benefit for the future: allowing islanders to file online from next year. Most customers who choose that option will receive their tax assessments within minutes. 

“Islanders can help us to reduce service delays by not repeating requests or enquiries made at the Help Desk, by e-mail or telephone or in writing.  We log all requests upon receipt, and they are dealt with in the order that we receive them, so there is no need to submit duplicates. Tax returns are also processed on the same basis, and our website will tell people which returns are currently being processed, based on the week of the year in which they were received.”

Anyone who has not received their tax assessment yet, but is worried about a change in their circumstances that they think may have a significant impact on their tax liability or ITIS rate, can ask for their ITIS rate to be recalculated using the online request form.

Islanders can check which returns are currently being processed by visiting

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