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Our Hospital Travel Survey

May 07, 2021

More than 750 Islanders and health staff have responded to a survey, run by the Our Hospital Project’s Design and Delivery Partner, which will inform the transport and access links to the new hospital.

The findings of the travel surveys will be used to estimate how staff, patients and visitors currently travel to the General Hospital and Overdale, and how they will travel to the new hospital in the future. They will also inform the Travel Plan, which will seek to maximise the number of journeys made to and from Overdale using sustainable modes of transport.

A total of 315 patients and visitors and 454 Health staff responded to the survey.

Of those patients and visitors who took part, 88% had previously visited the General Hospital and 12% had visited Overdale.

Driving a car was the most common mode of transport with 45% of respondents visiting the General Hospital by car compared to 67% using the same mode of transport to visit Overdale.

Travel time and convenience were the main reasons behind patient and visitor current travel choices. For car users, 62% of JGH patients/visitors and 48% of Overdale users stated that no interventions would encourage them to travel to OHP by a sustainable transport mode.

In the future, 79% of respondents indicated that they would travel to OHP by car (as the driver or passenger).

Richard de Gruchy, Legacy Director for RoKFCC, said: ‘We are extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to feed into our transport survey, the results of which will inform the transport choices on offer for Islanders and staff when we open the new hospital at Overdale.’

More information on the transport survey can be found on our

Government of Jersey News Release.

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