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Consultation on Conservation Areas

Mar 14, 2022

Conservation areas consultation launched

The Minister for the Environment has published a framework to set out how conservation areas may be designated in Jersey. Islanders are being asked for their views on the proposals which would aim to protect places of special architectural or historic interest. Such area-based heritage protection is already an established feature of the legal framework in other jurisdictions, including England, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Guernsey.

The powers to designate conservation areas will require changes to the Island’s planning laws, which are currently being considered by Scrutiny, and will be debated by the States Assembly in April 2022. If the law changes are agreed, the framework sets out how conservation areas could be designated, potential criteria, and what protection might be offered.

The consultation launched today also gives Islanders an opportunity to show which parts of Jersey they would like to see protected and improved.

Minister for the Environment, Deputy John Young, said: “Jersey has a longstanding commitment to protect areas of special architectural or historic interest to help look after that special character. Indeed, this is a commitment we have under international agreement.

“There are areas of the Island which clearly have special and distinctive heritage character. Of course, before any designation is proposed we’ll speak to, and listen to, the local community and produce a character assessment to show the heritage value of each place.

“There is always a balance to be struck when managing change alongside protection of our heritage. Whilst we already have listed buildings and places, which enables us to manage change affecting historic sites and buildings, I believe that new conservation areas will give protection to the Island’s special areas of historic character and interest, and help better define the balance between change and development with their protection and improvement.

“The views of Islanders are welcomed and will inform the debate about the potential to designate conservation areas in Jersey.”

The consultation is available via and runs until Friday 8 April 2022.

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