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Two school partnerships established as ‘Leading Headteachers’ appointed

Jun 22, 2020

Two successful and established local primary school headteachers have been appointed to launch new school partnerships in Jersey.

The opportunity to form these school partnerships arises from the approaching retirement of the headteachers of Bel Royal School and St Peter’s School.

Under this exciting new pilot initiative the new Leading Headteachers will set up a partnership between their own school and one of these schools.

The role of the Leading Headteacher is a new role for Jersey. The main purpose of this role is to establish a formal collaboration across two schools: the school of the successful applicant paired with a school with an imminent headteacher vacancy.

Taking up post in September 2020, the two successful applicants to the roles of Leading Headteacher are:

John Baudains has been appointed as Leading Headteacher for the partnership of La Moye School, his current school, and Bel Royal School.

Vicki Charlesworth has been appointed to a new role as Leading Headteacher for the partnership of Les Landes School, her current school, and St Peter's School.

Education Minister Senator Tracey Vallois said: “I very much welcome the innovative leadership model being developed at some of our schools in the West of the Island. As well as wishing a long and happy retirement to both Mrs Sonia Burton and Mrs Sam Dixon, I am sure that the children, staff and parents of Bel Royal and St Peter’s Schools will join me in welcoming Mr John Baudains and Mrs Vicki Charlesworth to their new roles in these exciting new school partnerships.”

Mrs Charlesworth said: “I am delighted to have been appointed to this new and exciting role, which brings the communities of Les Landes and St Peter together. As the partnership develops, there will be many opportunities to strengthen both schools to secure the very best outcomes for children.”

Mr Baudains said: “I am really looking forward to taking on the new challenge of forming a partnership between Bel Royal and La Moye schools. I believe partnership working will be of great benefit to both schools and will enable us to share resources and expertise, supporting the development of both schools. I am looking forward to working closely with the staff, parents, children and community at Bel Royal school, as well as continuing to work with my existing team, and the parents, children and community at La Moye School.”

Mrs Sonia Burton, headteacher of Bel Royal School, commented: “I am very proud of Bel Royal School and the community it represents. I am confident that this partnership will have huge benefits to both schools, it is an exciting development for all involved parents, pupils and staff.

Mrs Sam Dixon headteacher of St Peter’s School added: “I will miss the school greatly and our school leadership team are delighted that Vicki Charlesworth has been appointed to lead this new collaboration, which will offer a wide range of professional development opportunities for the staff of our two parish schools. Les Landes and St Peter’s both have very similar values and a strong emphasis on community, so there will be many possibilities to extend community links across the two neighbouring parishes, for the benefit of all our children and families.”

It is planned that the new school partnership will be well established by the Leading Headteacher over the initial four-term tenure of this new pilot post. 

Group Director of Education, Seán O’Regan said: “This exciting role, which is new to Jersey, is based on strong leadership development and school improvement principles. This is a pilot initiative, initially with a four-term appointment for each ‘Leading Headteacher’, with the long term ambition of an enduring and strong collaboration through these school-to-school partnerships. Partnership working can be beneficial in so many ways. It will enable the schools to work together closely on school development projects, share resources, and learn from each other to further improve outcomes for children.”

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