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Surveys to Encourage Islanders Back to Jersey

Dec 13, 2019

Efforts are underway to find out how to encourage Islanders back to Jersey after leaving to study in the UK or further afield.

The Government of Jersey is looking to gather information from residents who have left the Island, as well as those who have returned, in a bid to explore what could be done to make returning to Jersey easier or more inviting.

The diaspora campaign, coordinated by Skills Jersey at Children, Young People, Education and Skills, in partnership with Jersey Finance and Digital Jersey, launches this month and is part of a Government strategy for developing post-16 education to ensure Jersey has the right skill sets for the future.

Information will be gathered using two-minute surveys that ask questions of Islanders both in education and out of education who no longer live in Jersey, as well as those who have returned after completing their studies or working abroad.

The Assistant Minister for Education, Deputy Jeremy Maçon, said: “The Government’s Strategic Vision for Post-16 Education aims to respond to anticipated changes to the Island’s economy and society. With various technological developments, as well as a growing competition for business, investment and talent, Jersey will need to ensure that its post-16 education can equip Islanders with the right skills for the future.

“To that end, we want Islanders to tell us their thoughts on returning to Jersey. We want to hear from people who are still in education in the UK or abroad as well as people who are not in education but decided not to return. We also want to hear from anyone who has returned to the Island after being in education off-Island or working off-Island.”

Joe Moynihan, chief executive officer of Jersey Finance, said: “We are delighted to support the Government of Jersey’s strategy to implement various initiatives that will help us build the workforce of the future in Jersey. This particular initiative will provide valuable insights to help us identify what attracts Islanders back to work in Jersey, what prevents them from doing so and how we can work together to implement strategies to ensure that Jersey is an attractive option for home-grown talent, both now and in the future.”

Digital Jersey’s strategy manager James Linder said: “Like many places, much of Jersey’s population leave the Island to pursue careers and opportunities elsewhere. This offers Jersey an opportunity to encourage experienced and skilled people to return to the Island to address local skills and talent shortages. Digital Jersey has started its own efforts to involve our Island’s overseas population with our Ambassador network. This survey will, among other things, be useful in identifying barriers that prevent people returning to work in Jersey.”

Deputy Macon added “The joined up and collaborative approach amongst various government bodies is refreshing and the sign of the way we intend to achieve the outcomes of the Post -16 strategy. Providing for the skills gap of the current and future industries and addressing the workforce planning of our key and traditional sectors is a high priority for Jersey and I am pleased to see Skills Jersey, Digital Jersey and Jersey finance have pulled their forces together to find a solution to some of the skill challenges we face”

The surveys can be completed between now and 5 January 2020:

A survey for anyone in education who lives off-Island

A survey for anyone not in education who lives off-Island

A survey for anyone who has returned to the Island after being in education off-Island or working off-Island

Government of Jersey Press Release. 

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