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Press Release: Ongoing Teachers Strike

Apr 16, 2019

Jersey Chamber of Commerce has chosen not to comment so far in this dispute, in the hope that both sides could find a resolution. However, Chamber President Eliot Lincoln, has become increasingly concerned by the significant impact on our members who have families and the businesses that employ them is significant.

“It is working families who are being most affected and the cost to those families and to businesses affected by the disruption is substantial. 

Chamber is calling on both sides to look at the consequences for those families and businesses carrying the cost of this action and find a solution. At this important time of exams for many pupils and in an era of the priority of ‘putting children first’, this is most untimely by both sides of the table.

The disruption caused by this ongoing action is tangible and it is local business who is suffering – as well as the education of our children who are innocently caught in the middle of an ongoing industrial dispute which is unconscionable.”

Jersey Chamber is concerned for parents attempting to juggle extra time off, the costs incurred in any time off unpaid along with the loss of effectiveness felt by many businesses on strike days.

“There may be parents that simply do not have the available holiday to manage this time off and this may well impinge on valuable family holiday time off ahead.” said Mr Lincoln.

“If the Government is unwilling to make this a priority to resolve, perhaps our Government should consider supporting local working families by putting on free childcare facilities for the days that teachers are striking. Without meaningful signs of this dispute coming to an end, consideration must be taken on the effects to children, working parents and the productivity losses to business.”

Jersey Chamber of Commerce Press Release.

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