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Islands Join to Improve Services

Feb 15, 2019

Jersey and Guernsey officials working in justice and law enforcement have pledged to work collaboratively to improve the safety and security of the Channel Islands. 

Representatives from the Government of Jersey and the States of Guernsey have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which commits the islands to working together where possible to share expertise and deliver high-quality, efficient public services to islanders.

The Minister for Home Affairs, Connétable Len Norman, said that working in partnership with Guernsey would create opportunities to meet shared goals, access a wider range of skills and reduce costs.  

“Both the Government of Jersey and the States of Guernsey are committed to maintaining islands that are safe places to live, work and visit,” he said. “Building greater collaboration within the areas of justice and law enforcement will promote, protect and improve safety and security of both islands.

“This Memorandum of Understanding seeks to build upon the good working relationship which has been established both politically and at officer level between the Justice and Home Affairs department in Jersey and the Committee for Home Affairs in Guernsey.”

This is the latest in a series of ongoing collaborative projects between the islands since the Channel Island Political Oversight Board was established in June. The board is chaired by Jersey’s Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré, and Guernsey’s Chief Minister, Deputy Gavin St Pier. The aim of the board is to support ongoing co-operation between the two islands’ public administrations, and to identify and support new partnership opportunities to improve public services and reduce costs to taxpayers.

The Justice and Home Affairs Director General, Julian Blazeby, said that he was delighted to be working alongside his Guernsey counterparts.

“We recognise the importance of ongoing liaison, co-operation and, where appropriate, the co-ordination of our respective activities to best deliver high-quality law enforcement, emergency services and criminal justice systems,” he said.

A Channel Islands Joint Working Group for law enforcement, emergency services and criminal justice has been established so that representatives from Jersey and Guernsey can identify areas in which the islands can collaborate. 

Government of  Jersey Press Release.

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