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Scrutiny Review finds issues in Our Hospital project governance

Nov 13, 2020

A report by the ‘Future Hospital' Scrutiny Panel concludes that the site selection process did not follow HM Treasury Green Book guidelines. In addition, key documents such as the Strategic Outline Case and Outline Business Case have not yet been presented and there is no guarantee the hospital can be delivered within the proposed budget.

The Panel’s review highlights that if the Jersey Care Model isn’t implemented (moving care services that don’t need to be provided in hospital into the community), the proposed allowance of 15% additional space for future expansion when compared to population growth of 1% per year may cause the hospital to come under pressure within 12 years. The report outlines a total of 26 key findings and makes 30 recommendations.

As part of its review, the Panel worked with members of the public, healthcare providers and the third sector to listen to their experiences and views. Their input can be found on the States Assembly website. The Panel also engaged the services of expert advisors to evaluate the process.

Panel Chair, Senator Kristina Moore, says, “Our detailed review has found the site selection process to be procedurally flawed in areas, such as a lack of recommended SMART targets and the use of sequential criteria which was applied without weighting. For this reason, we have concluded that the site selection process was subjective rather than objective and did not follow good practice. At the second stage of the site selection, where 55 sites were deselected, it is not clear why 9 of the 55 sites that met the criteria were not pursued. 

The Government’s preferred site at Overdale is due to be debated by the States Assembly on 17 November. It is only then that the finalised Strategic Outline Case will be published, which will include details such as, project scope, service need, affordability of options and deliverability. I firmly believe that we need the finalised version of this information before the debate in order to make an informed decision on the site of the new hospital.

We have also received information from Government which demonstrates that it will be challenging to build the hospital within the proposed budget of £550 million. Furthermore, there are non-site specific costs of £254 million which bring the total cost of the hospital to approximately £800 million. Based on the information presented so far, it is unclear whether this represents good value for money for Islanders”.

Future Hospital Site Selection Report

Scrutiny Press Release.

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