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Review of supply & delivery of affordable housing launched

May 06, 2021

An in-depth review examining planning policies and affordable housing supply in Jersey has been launched by the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel.

The review will investigate the challenges and barriers to development that are affecting the ability to deliver affordable homes. It will explore the relationship between planning and housing policies and how the Draft Bridging Island Plan 2022-25 seeks to address the supply issues and enable the delivery of homes. The Panel will also examine how other policy mechanisms can be used alongside planning policy, as part of a wider strategy to combat housing affordability.

Constable Mike Jackson, Chair of the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel, said, “It has been evident for a long time that housing affordability is a huge challenge for many Islanders. Planning and housing policies play a crucial role in the development and deliverability of new homes and part of the Panel’s review aims to examine how joined-up these two policy functions are.

“The Draft Island Plan has set some ambitious targets for the delivery of new homes within a relatively short timeframe, especially when considering the design and build lifespan of a development. The Panel is, therefore, keen to investigate further whether these targets are achievable, as well as what other policy tools will be needed to boost supply and address affordability.”

To inform its review, the Panel will engage with relevant Ministers, the general public and industry representatives. Following this, a final report with recommendations will be presented to Ministers and the States Assembly by August 2021.

Members of the public can share their views with the Panel:

  1. By completing the ‘Get involved’ form on the States Assembly website
  2. By emailing [email protected]
  3. By messaging the States Assembly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Scrutiny Press Release.

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