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Our Hospital Seeks a Delivery Partner

Dec 17, 2019

The search for a delivery partner who will design and build Jersey’s new hospital has begun.

A notice has been published across Europe and the UK to put potential contract bidders on notice that Jersey is opening the formal tendering process for the biggest infrastructure programme in its history.

Documents, including a Prior Information Notice, have been published in the European Journal and on the Channel Island Tenders site. 

The terms of the contract have yet to be finalised and therefore do not include a value at this stage, but the new hospital is expected to be seeing patients no later than 2028. Engaging a partner before the final site is chosen means that they can look at the merits of a site, such as the quantity of groundwork required or the design implications. 

The notice states that the objective of the project is to ‘design and build a modern, fit-for-purpose hospital, that will meet the health and care needs of Islanders in the context of the overall strategic health and care policies, as adopted by the States Assembly. The Authority is seeking a delivery partner, to formulate the design, procure and construct the “Our Hospital” project.’

Assistant Minister for Health and Community Services Deputy Hugh Raymond said: “The fact that we have begun our search for a delivery partner so soon after appointing Mace, our Project Management Office, demonstrates how quickly the project is now moving. 

“Having one partner, who will work on both the design and construction of the hospital, will bring specialist experience and expertise to advise the Government as the hospital design takes shape. This will enable the project team to challenge plans, costs and assumptions so that we can secure the best value for Islanders.

“The advance notice given to the UK’s and Europe’s construction industry sends out a clear message that Jersey is ready to deliver on its promise to build Islanders a new, world-class and fit-for-purpose hospital.”

The search for the delivery partner will go through a number of stages before a three-month assessment and negotiation process begins in the New Year, with a formal appointment expected to be made in April 2020.

Government of Jersey News Release.

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