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Forum/Debate terms of use

1. General
The Jersey Chamber of Commerce has provided a forum for users to post comments in order to encourage the publication and sharing of different views and opinions.  You are welcome to post comments and opinions in strong terms but you must not be offensive nor defamatory.  You are legally responsible for what you post on this site and therefore you should read and consider the following terms.

2.  Defamatory, Obscene, Abusive and/or Offensive Comments
The Jersey Chamber of Commerce will not tolerate defamatory comments.  Accordingly, you should not post any comment that defames any person(s).  Neither should you post any comment that is threatening toward any person (including other users/persons who have posted comments) or which is abusive.  Abusive or obscene comments are not permitted.  Comments which are abusive or obscene include those which use offensive words; which are sexual or have sexual connotations; those which are racist, sexist, homophobic or in any way discriminate against any person or group by reference to their sexuality, their race or their religion.

3.  No Links:
In general, the Jersey Chamber of Commerce will not permit users to post links to other websites or resources.  Exceptions to this policy may be permitted.  If you wish to post a link which in the Jersey Chamber of Commerce’s opinion is a useful resource for users, please contact this site’s administrators.

4. Do not lie
Comments posted should be a true and honest reflection of your views/opinions.  Therefore you must not post a comment which you do not believe or which you know to be false or misleading.  You must also not pretend to be some other person whether by express reference or by suggestion.

5.  Do Not Advertise
The forum is not to be used to advertise or promote any product or service.

6.  Do Not Disclose Private, Confidential or Sensitive Material
No comment should breach another person’s privacy.  Accordingly, you must not write anything which discloses confidential or private information or breaches any rules or laws of copyright.

7. The Jersey Chamber of Commerce wishes to encourage debate. 
However, breaches of the rules set out - whether such breach is blatant or is considered to offend the spirit of the forum – will result in comments posted being removed.  The Jersey Chamber of Commerce reserves the right in its absolute discretion to remove any comments which offend the rules or spirit of the forum.


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