Press Release from the Chief Minister

Wednesday 6 June 10:00

The Chief Minister designate, in accordance with Standing Order 117(2), has given notice of the following nominations for the 10 ministerial offices that he will make in the order shown:

  • External Relations - Senator I.J. Gorst
  • Treasury and Resources - Deputy S.J. Pinel of St. Clement
  • Education - Senator T.A. Vallois
  • Health and Social Services - Senator S.C. Ferguson
  • Social Security - Deputy J.A. Martin of St. Helier
  • Infrastructure - Deputy K.C. Lewis of St. Saviour
  • Economic Development - Senator L.J. Farnham
  • Environment - Deputy J.H. Young of St. Brelade
  • Housing - Senator S.Y. Mézec
  • Home Affairs - The Connétable of St Clement

The Chief Minister designate has, in accordance with Standing Order 117(2B) provided the following explanatory note about his nominations.

Explanatory Note

As indicated in his speech, the Chief Minister designate intends to appoint Senator T.A. Vallois as his Deputy Chief Minister. He also intends to create the role of a Minister for International Relations, to which he will nominate the Deputy of Grouville as Minister. In the meantime, she will be an Assistant Chief Minister. In addition, the Connétable of St. John and the Connétable of St. Ouen will also be appointed as Assistant Chief Ministers.

The Chief Minister also intends to create the role of Minister for Children, to which he intends to nominate Senator S.Y. Mézec. The Chief Minister will also be reviewing the political responsibilities for existing portfolios and assess whether those portfolios will be revised in light of strategic priorities and the changes to the civil service structure.


Members are asked to note that the Chief Minister designate has the ability under Standing Orders 117(15) and (16), to vary the list during the appointment process in respect of remaining nominees if any of the candidates nominated by him are not selected for the position indicated above. Standing Orders 117(15) and (16) read as follows -

117(15) If, during the process, the States select a candidate who was not nominated by the Chief Minister designate, the presiding officer shall invite the Chief Minister designate to make a further announcement, in the order in which he or she wishes the States to vote on them, of his or her remaining nominations and proposals for assignment to the remaining Ministerial offices.

117(16) The order, nominations and proposals in respect of the remaining appointments and assignments may differ from those previously announced by the Chief Minister designate.

DR. M. EGAN - Greffier of the States

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