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The Jersey Chamber of Commerce is the oldest Chamber of Commerce in the English speaking world, having been founded in 1768 and incorporated in 1900. It is dedicated to the promotion of trade, commerce and the general prosperity of Jersey and is the largest employer representative body on the Island, with an extensive membership comprised of members from all business sectors covering every aspect of Jersey’s economy.

Our principal aim is to ensure that the business community lies at the heart of a thriving and diverse Island economy.

Representation of Members’ Interests To Government.

Chamber pursues matters on behalf of its membership at the highest level with Government representatives, and actively monitors and assesses all new or proposed legislation to ensure that members’ interests and views on important matters are represented. Chamber reviews and assesses all States Consultation Papers, then engages with its membership through its Executive Committee structure, and responds accordingly. We also adopt a proactive stance on key issues, providing recommendations to senior politicians and States’ departments in a pragmatic and constructive manner.

Chamber operates through an Executive Council comprised of the President, Vice-President and the Chairperson of each of the Committees which represent the main industry sectors on the Island.  

Communication with Members and Key Influencers Across The Island.

Members of the Executive Council and the Executive Team are always available to listen to members’ views and to represent their collective interests.

The Chamber website includes the latest news affecting the business community, along with events listings, responses to consultation papers, and other relevant information.

Communication with our members is also supported through our monthly on-line newsletter ‘Chamber On-Line’ which is distributed to in excess of 2,000 individuals, including key influencers in industry, senior politicians and Government officials and departments, and which seeks to provide relevant, topical and useful information to our members. 

Events Programme.

Chamber hosts a wide-ranging programme of topical and popular events throughout the year.

The principal monthly event is the Chamber Luncheon meeting. These lunches are always supported by a high profile guest speaker, talking on a matter of interest or of particular relevance to members.

The lunches are regularly attended by some 250+ guests, and therefore provide an excellent opportunity for entertaining clients and business contacts, and for networking with senior representatives from other organisations across the Island. 

Chamber also holds a series of periodic Breakfast Club meetings. These are designed as a more informal method of networking, and have proved to be popular with representatives from organisations of all sizes and sectors of industry, but have been particularly popular with the smaller organisations. Once again, these meetings are supported by a guest speaker who typically provides a short presentation on a matter of interest or relevance to the business community.

In addition, Chamber holds a series of periodic Seminars and Debates on key topics of interest, and these events have consistently proved to be popular with members and Islanders.

Promotional Opportunities / Sponsorship Opportunities.

The membership of Chamber encompasses in excess of 500 member organisations, employing over 20,000 staff. Consequently, membership provides a platform to engage and communicate with an extensive audience across the Island.

A brief profile of member organisations is included on our website, along with contact details and a link to an organisation’s own website.

In addition, Chamber provides an extensive range of sponsorship and promotional opportunities, which enables organisations to promote their own business activities to an extensive network across the Island. Further details regarding sponsorship opportunities can be obtained by contacting the Chamber Executive Team on 01534 724536.

Associated Benefits.

Chamber works with its members and with local businesses and organisations to offer exclusive discounts to members on a range of services. e.g. health schemes, H.R. services, training programmes, consultancy services, etc.

Chamber’s offices also provide access to two meeting rooms, which are available for hire at discounted rates for members.

Comprehensive details of all Chamber events, activities and news can be found on the Chamber website at: www.jerseychamber.com

Contact details for the Chamber Executive Team, who would be delighted to assist and answer any queries, are as follows:

Tel.:                  01534 724536.

E-Mail:              admin@jerseychamber.com

Exclusive Members’ Promotional Offer – The Jersey Evening Post.

Members may have noted that over the past months, the Wednesday edition of the Jersey Evening Post has included a “Chamber Corner” within their weekly business supplement, incorporating a comment on a topical matter from a member of Chamber’s Executive Council.

Alongside this commentary piece, the J.E.P. has provided a promotional opportunity to one member organisation per week on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, which will enable member organisations to publicise themselves through a profile piece about the business (of circa 200 words) along with a photograph and a copy of the member organisation’s logo.

The J.E.P. has agreed a discounted price of £200 for Chamber member organisations which wish to be featured in this section.

Any member organisation interested in pursuing this offer should register their interest through the offices of Chamber by sending an e-mail message confirming their interest to : gillian.martindale-parsons@jerseychamber.com headed up “Chamber Corner Offer.”

Thereafter, we will collate details of those member organisations which are interested in pursuing this offer, and liaise with the Jersey Evening Post in order to confirm membership and thus, eligibility to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Exclusive Members’ Promotional Offer – Moss Bros.

Moss Bros in Liberty Wharf is offering an exclusive 10% off to all Chamber of Commerce members.

This exclusive offer is available on all purchases made throughout the store during the months of November and December. The Moss Bros range includes quality fine suits, shirts and clothing in a variety of designer brands including Moss London, Moss Esquire, Moss 1851, Moss Hire, Ted Baker London Endurance, French Connection and DKNY.

This exclusive discount also applies to the Moss Bros Hire service, which is perfect for Christmas Balls and Parties as well as any purchase from their new range of men’s formal and casual wear collections.

All Chamber of Commerce members need do to receive this exclusive 10% discount when making a purchase is to visit the Moss Bros store at Liberty Wharf, make themselves known to an assistant and give their name, address, telephone number and contact email address.

Moss Bros.

Liberty Wharf.

Tel:  01534 747330

Opening Hours:  Monday – Saturday 9.00 am. – 6.00 pm.  

Sponsorship Opportunities at Jersey Chamber of Commerce

The Jersey Chamber of Commerce has sponsorship opportunities which are listed in the following information leaflet.

Sponsorship Opportunities.

Phone Doctor - Life Saver Corporate Package - Free to Chamber Members

Mobile devices have become so important to our everyday life, that when ours gets damaged, it can be a major inconvenience.

Phone Doctor has fast established itself as the Island’s most affordable and reliable repair service for mobile devices, fully trained in the repair of all the major brands and are proud to claim that thay can fix more than 90% of devices that visit their surgery.

For full details, please click here.

Members' Offer - Beechtree Accountancy Services Limited

We are a Chartered Certified Accountancy practice and member of the Jersey Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants, conveniently located at Industria House, St Brelade.

We believe in practical solutions at reasonable prices and providing a personal service to our clients.

We offer the full range of accountancy services including book keeping, accounts preparation, tax compliance and returns, GST/IT IS and Social returns for individuals, sole traders and companies.

We are offering Chamber Members a free initial consultation and a 10% discount on our fees.

Contact us on 744737 or e mail bas@basjsy.com

Visit our website for more information: www.beechtreeaccountancyserviceslimited.com

Members’ Offer – The Jersey Evening Post – “The Business” Weekly Supplement.

Regular readers of the Jersey Evening Post may have noted that over the past few weeks, the Wednesday edition has incorporated a weekly business supplement entitled “The Business” which includes news, articles, profiles and topical comment from members of the Island’s business community.

The editorial team has approached the Chamber of Commerce with a bespoke promotional offer exclusively for the benefit of Chamber members, along with an invitation for Chamber to submit a topical commentary piece in each edition.

The J.E.P. has agreed a discounted price of £200, which is available to one member organisation per week on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, in return for which they will incorporate a profile piece about the business (of circa 200 words) along with a high profile picture and a company logo.

An example of the indicative layout for the profile piece can be viewed here.

Each week the member’s profile piece will be located adjacent to a commentary piece from the Chamber Executive, and the section of the page containing the comment and the member’s profile will probably be headed up as “Chamber Corner” or similar.

If any member organisation is interested in pursuing this offer, please could they register their interest through the offices of Chamber by sending an e-mail message confirming their interest to : james.morris@jerseychamber.com

Thereafter, we shall collate details of those member organisations which are interested in pursuing this offer, and liaise with the Jersey Evening Post in order to confirm membership and thus, eligibility to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Flag Hoisting - Protocol and Dates for 2016

The official list detailing days for hoisting flags on government and public buildings during the year 2016.

The Bailiff requests that flags be hoisted on public buildings from 8.00am until sunset on each of the days indicated on the Days of Flag Hoisting 2016 List below.

Below is a link to the official protocol for flag flying issued by the Bailiff. This requires the Jersey flag to be flown on official occasions. Permission for any other flag (not being either the Jersey or Union flags) to be flown from any government or public building should be sought from the Bailiff prior to doing so. The official flag flying protocol is available on line at www.gov.je - please take time to read this. There is of course nothing to prevent the Jersey flag or Union flag being flown on other occasions from government or public buildings.

Dates of Flag Hoisting 2016

Flag Flying Protocol

Chamber Online / Chamber News - Past Editions

Footfall in St Helier Voisins Counter

For all Footfall results, past and latest.

Week Commencing 12.06.17

Week Commencing 05.06.17

Week Commencing 29.05.17

Week Commencing 22.05.17

Week Commencing 15.05.17

Week Commencing 08.05.17

Week Commencing 01.05.17

 Week Commencing 24.04.17

Week Commencing 17.04.17

Week Commencing 10.04.17

Week Commencing 27.03.17

Week Commencing 20.03.17

Week Commencing 13.03.17

Week Commencing 06.03.17

Week Commencing 27.02.17

Week Commencing 20.02.17

Week Commencing 13.02.17

Week Commencing 06.02.17

Week Commencing 30.01.17

Week Commencing 09.01.17

Week Commencing 02.01.17

Week Commencing 26.12.16

Week Commencing 19.12.16

Week Commencing 12.12.16

Week Commencing 05.12.16

Week Commencing 28.11.16

Week Commencing 21.11.16

Week Commencing 14.11.16

Week Commencing 07.11.16

Week Commencing 31.10.16

Week Commencing 24.10.16

Week Commencing 17.10.16

Week Commencing 10.10.16

Week Commencing 03.10.16

Week Commencing 26.09.16

Week Commencing 19.09.16

Week Commencing 12.09.16

Week Commencing 05.09.16

Week Commencing 22.08.16

Week Commencing 15.08.16

Week Commencing 08.08.16

Week Commencing 01.08.16

Week Commencing 25.07.16

Week Commencing 18.07.16

Week Commencing 11.07.16

Week Commencing 04.07.16

Week Commencing 27.06.16

Week Commencing 20.06.16

Week Commencing 13.06.16

Week Commencing 06.06.16

Week Commencing 30.05.16

Week Commencing 23.05.16

Week Commencing 16.05.16

Week Commencing 09.05.16

Week Commencing 25.04.16

Week Commencing 18.04.16

Week Commencing 11.04.16 

Week Commencing 04.04.16

Week Commencing 28.03.16

Week Commencing 21.03.16

Week Commencing 14.03.16

Week Commencing 07.03.16

Week Commencing 29.02.16

Week Commencing 15.02.16

Week Commencing 08.02.16

Week Commencing 01.02.16

Week Commencing 25.01.16

Week Commencing 18.01.16

Week Commencing 11.01.16

Week Commencing 04.01.16

Week Commencing 28.12.15

Week Commencing 21.12.15

Week Commencing 14.12.15

Week Commencing 07.12.15

Week Commencing 30.11.15

Week Commencing 16.11.15

Week Commencing 09.11.15

Week Commencing 02.11.15

Week Commencing 26.10.15

Week Commencing 19.10.15

Week Commencing 12.10.15

Week Commencing 05.10.15

Week Commencing 28.09.15

Week Commencing 21.09.15

Week Commencing 07.09.15

Week Commencing 31.08.15

Week Commencing 24.08.15

Week Commencing 17.08.15

Week Commencing 27.07.15

Week Commencing 20.07.15

Week Commencing 15.06.15

Week Commencing 08.06.15

Week Commencing 01.06.15

Week Commencing 25.05.15

Week Commencing 18.05.15

Week Commencing 11.05.15

Week Commencing 27.4.15

Week Commencing 20.04.15

Week Commencing 13.04.15

Week Commencing 06.04.15

Week Commencing 30.03.15

Week Commencing 23.03.15

Week Commencing 16.03.15

Week Commencing 09.03.15

Week Commencing 02.03.15

Week Commencing 23.02.15

Week Commencing 16.02.15

Week Commencing 09.02.15

Week Commencing 26.01.15

Week Commencing 19.01.15

Week Commencing 12.01.15

Week Commencing 05.01.15

Week Commencing 29.12.14

Week Commencing 22.12.14

Week Commencing 15.12.14

Week Commencing 01.12.14

Week Commencing 24.11.14

Week Commencing 17.11.14

Week Commencing 10.11.14

Week Commencing 03.11.14

Week Commencing 27.10.14

Week Commencing 20.10.14

Week Commencing 13.10.14

Week Commencing 06.10.14

Week Commencing 29.09.14

Week Commencing 22.09.14

Week Commencing 15.09.14

Week Commencing 08.09.14

Week Commencing 01.09.14

Week Commencing 25.08.14

Week Commencing 18.08.14

Week Commencing 11.08.14

Week Commencing 04.08.14

Week Commencing 28.07.14

Week Commencing 21.07.14

Week Commencing 14.07.14

Week Commencing 07.07.14

Week Commencing 30.06.14

Week Commencing 23.06.14

Week Commencing 16.06.14

Week Commencing 09.06.14

Week Commencing 02.06.14

Week Commencing 26.05.14

Week Commencing 19.05.14

Week Commencing 12.05.14

Week Commencing 05.05.14

Week Commencing 21.04.14

Week Commencing 14.04.14

Week Commencing 07.04.14

Week Commencing 31.03.14

Week Commencing 24.03.14

Week Commencing 17.03.14

Week Commencing 10.03.14

Week Commencing 03.03.14

Week Commencing 24.02.14

Week Commencing 17.02.14

Week Commencing 10.02.14

Week Commencing 03.02.14

Week Commencing 27.01.14

Week Commencing 20.01.14

Week Commencing 13.01.14

Week Commencing 06.01.14

Week Commencing 30.12.13

Week Commencing 23.12.13

Week Commencing 15.12.13

Week Commencing 09.12.13

Week Commencing 02.12.13

Week Commencing 25.11.13

Week Commencing 18.11.13

Week Commencing 11.11.13

Week Commencing 04.11.13

Week Commencing 28.10.13

Week Commencing 21.10.13

Week Commencing 14.10.13

Week Commencing 07.10.13

Week Commencing 30.09.13

Week Commencing 23.09.13

Week Commencing 16.09.13

Week Commencing 09.09.13

Week Commencing 02.09.13

Week Commencing 26.08.13

Week Commencing 19.08.13

Week Commencing 12.08.13

Week Commencing 05.08.13

Week Commencing 29.07.13

Week Commencing 22.07.13

Week Commencing 15.07.13

Week Commencing 08.07.13

Week Commencing 01.07.13

Week Commerncing 23.06.13

Week Commencing 17.06.13

Week Commencing 10.06.13

Week Commencing 03.06.13

Week Commerncing 27.05.13

Week commencing 20.05.13

Week Commencing 06.05.13

Week Commencing 29.04.13

Week Commencing 22.04.13

Week Commencing 15.04.13

Week Commencing 08.04.13

Week Commencing 01.04.13

Week Commencing 25.03.13

Week Commencing 18.03.13

Week Commencing 11.03.13

Week Commencing 18.02.13

Week Commencing 11.02.13

Week Commencing 04.02.13

Week Commencing 28.01.13

Week Commencing 21.01.13

Week Commencing 14.01.13

Week Commencing 07.01.13

Week Commencing 31.12.12

Week Commencing 24.12.12

Week Commencing 17.12.12

Week Commencing 10.12.12

Week Commencing 03.12.12

Week Commencing 19.11.12

Week Commencing 12.11.12

Week Commencing 05.11.12

Week Commencing 29.10.12

Week Commencing 22.10.12

Week Commencing 15.10.12

Week Commencing 08.10.12

Week Commencing 01.10.12

Week Commencing 24.09.12

Week Commencing 17.09.12

Week Commencing 10.09.12

Week Commencing 27.08.12

Week Commencing 18.06.12




Trade Samples and VAT charges

Trade samples are subject to VAT.

The only relief available for commercial samples are where the item is sent as a sample, and the item cannot actually be used as anything other than a ‘sample’ – for example, a coat with a large hole cut in it so that it cannot actually be sold & used as a coat, or a ‘dud’ iphone with no circuit board inside.

More information here: HMRC Public Notice 367

These conditions are very strict, as this relief has been subject to abuse – In this case we do not think that it will be feasible/workable to send these items via the Scheme and have Jersey C&I decide on the eligibility to the relief.  In this case the UK Border Force should process items claiming to be ‘Trade Samples’ at the Office of Exchange.

International Property Security Databases Information

The States of Jersey Police state: "We highly recommend that you make a note of all your valuable property. This would include laptops, mobile phones, pedal cycles, jewellery and everything else that you consider to be precious to you. It would also benefit you to security mark your valuable items, so that if recovered, they can be easily traced by the Police and could then be returned to you if lost or stolen."

Registering Your Property

A highly effective way to register your property is to put the details online. There are several websites which can be used for this, which can be accessed by Police Forces who use dedicated secure email addresses to gain access to the information held on the relevant website property registers.


Immobilise can be used by members of the public and businesses to register their valued possessions or company assets. All account holders registered items and ownership details are viewable on the Police national property database, the NMPR (www.thenmpr.com).


The International Security Register (ISR) is a security marking, registration and verification system. It is a highly secure and confidential database owned and operated exclusively by Retainagroup Ltd. The ISR provides immediate verification of information held on vehicles and other items of value that have been marked with a Retainagroup security code.


BikeRegister is one of the UK’s leading online registration initiatives aiming to reduce bicycle theft and assist in owner recovery. In addition to supporting the UK bike industry by offering a free online registration service, BikeRegister is able to offer bike marking enhancements to further protect your bike.

Property Marking

Burglary Packs are available free of charge at the States of Jersey Police Enquiry Desk, and contain stickers and ultra violet pens. The packs have stickers to display in the front and back windows of your home to show that you have marked your belongings. These packs also contain a property register card to note the serial numbers and details of your property.

Retail Security Advice

Retail Security Advice from The States of Jersey Police

Please click here to see full details.

Something to give? Volunteer to support Children and Young People in Care

Being a child or young person in care can be a daunting experience. Sometimes you need a person you can turn to, someone other than a social worker. Someone else who also thinks you matter and will give up their time to listen.

Volunteers are helping support children and young people in care in Jersey, right now. Join them. Give up a few hours each month and help make a difference.

The Board of Visitors are a group of independent volunteers who visit Jersey's residential care homes and secure unit. They listen to concerns, tackle problems and help children's and young people's voices to be heard.


Visit www.gov.je/boardofvisitors or call 442891

Jersey Heritage Corporate Membership

“The best way for a company to support Jersey Heritage is by persuading its employees and the community to join as Personal Members. The employee discount in our Super Corporate package is designed to incentivise and facilitate just that” – Clive Jones, Chairman, Jersey Heritage.

A relationship with Jersey Heritage delivers the following three benefits in one membership package:

• Some of Jersey’s most iconic venues for corporate hospitality, team building and meetings
• Access to CSR and sponsorship opportunities that lie at the heart of the Island’s community
• An opportunity help your employees engage with their culture and their Island’s heritage

Fundraising represents a significant part of Jersey Heritage's self-generated income.  Corporate members will give vital support to Jersey Heritage. You will help us build and conserve our Collection, create inspirational exhibitions and events and engage people through learning opportunities.   But more than that, being a corporate member of Jersey Heritage is great fun and throughout our relationship with you, you’ll reap the rewards of supporting an organisation committed to giving you every opportunity to enjoy our Island’s unique heritage. 

Corporate membership comes in three levels from just £500 a year to a partnership of £2,000 a year where every employee gets the opportunity to join at a significant discount.  A range of benefits support each scheme, which include volunteering opportunities, free access and behind the scenes tours – you can support us at a level which suits your business requirements. 

However you choose to become involved you’ll experience first hand how rewarding it is to support, enjoy and engage with your Island’s heritage.  To find out more go to www.jerseyheritage.org or email Jeremy.sweteham@jerseyheritage.org for more information.

Certificates of Good Standing

To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, the JFSC Registry Helpline should be called on 01534 822051.

A payment will need to be made by credit card (or by cheque with covering letter).

There are 2 options:

£15.00 – 2 day turn around

£40.00 – 24 hour turn around

The JFSC Office opens from 9.30am

Seen Something? Heard Something? Said Nothing?

See the latest Crime Stoppers Campaign.

Don’t help criminals commit crime.

If you suspect that something is wrong or think you may have

seen a crime, call Crimestoppers anonymously.

Your number can’t be traced and you won’t be contacted.

To see the Crime Stoppers latest poster, please click here.

The British Chamber of Commerce, in Cooperation with the British Embassy and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) have Launched the Building your Business in Belgium (BBB) Scheme

On 21 February 2013 the British Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the British Embassy and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), launched the Building your Business in Belgium (BBB) scheme – an integrated service for companies new to the Belgian marketplace.

The scheme provides a ‘safe landing’ to companies doing business in Belgium for the first time  through professional advice, expertise and services that complement those provided to UK exporters by UKTI and the British Embassy.

The event was hosted by Jonathan Brenton, HM Ambassador to Belgium and was attended by UK and international business professionals who welcomed this new initiative.

Belgium may not be as well known as some other global markets, but it is an open and dynamic export market for British goods and services. It is the UK’s 6th highest export partner worldwide (Source: Hm Revenue & Customs, October 2011).

“It is an ideal place for the first time exporter and a great stepping stone to the rest of Europe” says Jonathan Brenton, HM Ambassador to Belgium, “English is widely accepted, and there are quick and easy communications and connections with the UK and the rest of mainland Europe”. He added that increased export/import activities will benefit overall economic growth in both countries.

“The Chamber’s partnership with UK Government is a great example of how business can work with the public sector to provide a better joined up service for UK businesses” explains Glynis Whiting, President of the British Chamber in Belgium. “We look forward to playing our part in helping the much needed export led growth in Europe”.

Another initiative that supports business in Belgium is the The Golden Bridge Awards, launched by the British Chamber last year and also supported by UKTI. It is an annual award that recognises the most successful UK companies doing business in Belgium. Open to both service and manufacturing companies, the award aims to encourage more exports to Belgium by UK companies and also to give British products and services a higher profile at the heart of the EU.

The Awards are operated in partnership with the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain, which has run a successful scheme since 1997 recognising the success of companies from Belgium and Luxembourg exporting to the UK.

For more information, please contact:

British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

Boulevard Bischoffsheim 11

1000 Brussels

T +32 (0)2 540 90 30

Joanna De Keyser- Business Development Executive


Or visit:


British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

  • Fastest growing British Chamber in Europe
  • International award winners
  1. COBCOE Chamber of the Year 2011 & Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2012
  2. European Public Affairs Association; European Trade Association of the year 2011
  • The essential network for business in Belgium

Community Savings - Charitable Help with Money Matters

Community Savings is a charity which is able to offer account facilities and, in certain circumstances, emergency funding to Islanders who are in need of such help.

For more information, please click here.

Registered Actively Seeking Work - October 2012

Data on people registered as actively seeking work in Jersey is compiled and administered by the Social Security Department. The Statistics Unit independently analyses this anonymised data and publishes a monthly report.

To see the complete report, please click here.

States of Jersey Police - Keyholder Service Leaflet

We have been asked by the States of Jersey Police to make Members of The Jersey Chamber of Commerce aware of the Keyholder Service and to assist them with collating information from all available business outlets in the Island, and improving their ability to respond to alarm activations and to contact keyholders.

These are primarily for businesses, so that if they have an alarm activation, or the SOJP needs to contact the premises keyholders, then we will have already been provided that information via the Keyholder leaflets.

Please click here to view the Keyholder Application Form Leaflet

Jersey's Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Visitor's Refund Scheme

To view the retailer's guide, please click here.

Registered Actively Seeking Work - September 2012

Data on people registered as actively seeking work in Jersey is compiled and administered by the Social Security Department. The Statistics Unit independently analyses this anonymised data and publishes a monthly report.

To see the complete report, please click here.

Jersey Retail Price Index - Latest and Previous Figures

Get all the latest RPI figures here.

Please click here for all RPI reports

Page 1 of 1.  Displaying 30 items per page.  25 items in total.        

Question & Answer

We try to answer your questions as they come in and publish them here


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  • Public Meeting: CIFO 2016 Annual Report The independent Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO) is holding a public event to mark the publication of its 2016 annual report and accounts.

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  • Eco Active Business and BIFM sustainability event Have you booked your place at next week’s sustainability event?

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  • Is Your Business Autism-Friendly? Did you know more than one in 100 of your customers are autistic? Would you like to find out how you can make their experiences better?

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  • Benest Corbett Renouf Joins Forces With Farrer & Co to Reinforce Need for Safeguarding Children LAW firm Benest Corbett Renouf has teamed up with the market-leading London firm Farrer & Co to present a safeguarding conference. The event, “Creating Safer Organisations”, will take place on Thursday, 15th June in Jersey.

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  • Ibex Education - Excel 1 to 1s Our expert UK trainer will work with you on particular issues

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